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Lifetime Warranty

Leather goods are one of those products you don’t want to have to replace because they failed to endure. We are confident that your product will last. That is why Blue Blood lifetime warranty covers all the defects in material and workmanship for the life. Just sent the stuff back for free repair or replacement. No strings attached.

Entirely handmade

From the first sketches of the blueprints to the sealing of the envelope, all the actions necessary for our products to come to life are performed manually. Thanks to the fact, remain adamant that your Blue blood experience will be one of a kind.

Vege-tanned leather

To make long story short – there are two leading methods for the manufacturing of leather. Tanning with Chromium is quick and cost effective but the final product lacks naturalness and endurance. What is more, Chromium is detrimental to the environment. Blue Blood uses only natural ingredients in its tanning process. It is more time consuming that way but thanks to that our leather possesses natural strength and beauty.

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